Nora Taylor

Financial Advisor
(613) 634-4512


A thoughtful, attentive advisor, Nora’s underlying mission is to develop, implement and monitor appropriate plans for her clients based on their goals and risk tolerance. With a willingness to listen to each client like he or she is the only investor in the world, Nora is dedicated to assisting her clients in meeting their financial needs.

Nora's tailored wealth management services provide customized solutions to meet the wealth management needs of multi-generation families, individuals, and business owners. Her practice is distinguished by a dedication to her clients' best interests and a passion for bringing a high degree of clarity and understanding to the challenges and choices posed by their wealth.

Most importantly Nora looks at your situation in human terms and offers non-judgmental advice based on what you really want to achieve. She will suggest direction, but not make demands. She is friendly, helpful, clever, and funny and will take care of you and your family—not just your money.